Hi! I’m a Puppet Designer, Builder and Performer based in London, UK.

My experience as both a performer and maker in Theatre, Film and TV allows me to work at all stages of a production, Designing, Building and Performing puppets; each stage of the process informing and improving the others. Check out my site and get in touch to fulfil all your puppet dreams!

Featured Puppet 4 – The Puppet Thing!

This advert for Puppet Things invites you to enter the Puppet-Maker’s workshop…

…if you Dare!

Featured Puppets 2 & 3 – Brian and Suzie!

I was lucky enough to design and build the two puppets for Alfie Templeman’s new music video for Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody – everybody meet Brian and Suzie!

I performed Brian and the very talented Laura Bacon performed Suzie in a tale of love, loss and vintage cars:

Featured Puppet 1 – Pixel!

Lockdown (the first one) was a chance to explore an idea I’d been batting around for a while; installing a screen into a puppet with LIVE controllable eyes, expressions and animations. It had never been done before…well, I did it! And here he is:

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Fancy a custom puppet for fun and fashion? I can help!

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